Flint Residents Are Begging for Clean Water

On Thursday, officials in Michigan declared a public health emergency over the state of Flint’s water, which doctors suspect is negatively affecting local residents’ health. Despite the announcement, authorities in Flint delivered a plan today that won’t, for now, switch out the city’s water source, Flint River, for Lake Huron, which supplies water for most of the rest of Detroit. The plan relies largely on filters and testing, with the aid of one million dollars pledged by the state. According to the Associated Press, people have been complaining about how the water looks and tastes, and saying they think troubling maladies—like hair loss and rashes—are linked to poor water quality. And a General Motors plant in the area stopped using local water because they say it’s rusting auto parts—a decision that amounts to a $400,000 loss to Flint each year.…

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