Flint’s First Female Mayor Sworn In


CPSA 11-15-15 page 1

Proclaiming that on November 3,2015, she saw “mustard seed faith inaction,” Mayor Karen Williams Weaver mesmerized the standing room-only crowd at Flint City Council Chambers with an inauguration speech that pulled no punches.To those who questioned her audacity to run for Mayor, she said: “to the experts, we were defeated even before the votes were cast…no money…no statewide network…no behind the scene benefactors…no plan…no experience…but God! But God!! We stepped out on faith. Faith in ourselves, faith in each other, and faith in our collective resolve to bring needed change and to give Flint residents the democracy they so rightfully deserve.”
The crowd stood on its feet when Mayor Weaver proclaimed: “On November 3rd, Flint residents said in a loud, clear voice that they were sick and tired of high water bills, sick and tired of poison in the water, sick and
tired of being undervalued and marginalized, sick and tired of double talk and political speak. They said to me over and over again, we want real change. Not a reasonable facsimile,but real change. They said we want a new direction, they said we want to chart a new course.
“And so my friends, I want to make it abundantly clear that I didn’t knock on hundreds of doors, rise early every morning to do double duty as a political candidate and
small business owner. I didn’t attend countless church services and social functions to arrive at this moment of investiture, this sacred moment of commitment and reflection,this moment of historical importance
to turn back now.”
Mayor Weaver cautioned her supporters, however, that there will be no quick fixes to what ails the city of Flint. “I have said since the election that I am not interested in radical initial changes in city government operations,” she said. “In the interim I plan to work cooperatively with the city administrator, city council, and the transition advisory board. I understand the Governor and his advisors want to see a strategic game plan that reflects capacity and competency. My pledge is that the Weaver administration will demonstrate
the capacity and political will necessary for self-governance.” To another rousing round of applause she continued: “However, I can’t perform this awesome responsibility with one hand tied behind my back
and a blind fold on. That’s not fair competition.”
Lawrence Moon, President of Lawrence E. Moon Funeral Home,
presided over the inaugural event. Others on the program included Dr. Jessie Muldrew, Rev. Wallace Hill,
Pastor of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church; Rev. Alfred Harris, President of the Concerned Pastors for Social Action; Rev. Byron Moore, Pastor of Vernon Chapel AME Church, the Mayor’s church home; Bishop Bernadel Jefferson, Pastor of Faith Deliverance Center, and Rev. Dan Scheid, Pastor of St. Paul Episcopal Church. Vocalists included Lennex Burroughs and JoAnne Carrigan. The oath of office was administered by the Honorable William Crawford, Jr., 68th District Court judge.