Celebration of a Legend Dr. J. S. Hopkins 93rd Birthday


December 19, 2015 being the Eldest
Pastor Emeritus in the City of
Flint, Dr. J. S. Hopkins will celebrate
his 93rd Birthday.With the lyrics of his Testimony
song, “If I don’t rise in the morning
everything is alright” We can truly
say that the Lord has made everything

Psalm 37:23; The steps of a good
man are ordered by the Lord: and he
delighted in his way. Only a few words can express
what Dr. J. S. Hopkins has accomplished
in 55 years with the title Man
of God. Those words are: Blessed
Faithful, Dedicated, Honest, a Man
of Humility, but most importantly
Prayerful. Dr. Hopkins began what
is a now lifelong fellowship with several
churches in the city and countless
others, just to name a few. King
Solomon, under the then Leadership
of the Late Seldon Williams Sr. Mt.
Calvary and the Late Granville Smith,
Metropolitan and the Late AJ
Pointer, Morning Star and the Late
Henry Robinson, Macedonia and
the Late J C Curry, and who can forget
those Mid-Night Rambles with
the Late Bishop Otis A. Floyd.
Sis. Lillie E. Thornton recalls him
saying: Only what you do for Christ
will last. Another member recalls the
day doctors had given up on her
husband Dr. Hopkins halted his vacation
and went to his bedside and
Prayed, with these Characteristics
it’s no wonder the Lord has granted
him 93 years. A few days ago he said:
As you go through life, take a step
back and look at the things in your
life, see if you’re living the way God
intended you to live. If not Pray and
the Lord will make your path straight.
It’s statements like that which give
Celebration of
a Legend
Dr. J. S. Hopkins
93rd Birthday
people the opportunity to call on him
for advice, and if the Lord hadn’t
given him what to say at that very
moment the gesture of thinking is a
scratch to the head, saying “Well”
and walking away. Some may have
thought it was a bit strange, but
those that grew up under his Leadership
know that’s just his way of
saying Let me go before the Lord I’ll
give you an answer later. It could be
a few hours or a few days but when
he returns to the conversation the
answer is ALWAYS scripture based.
I posed this question to seven
people. Those that know him well
and those that have heard of him
through his contributions to the
Community. In your personal opinion
of Paul and Timothy who does
Dr. Hopkins life resemble?
Five of the Seven answered Paul.
When asked why Paul the response
was unanimous, Paul gave Timothy
6 key charges to being a Man of God
as Dr. Hopkins has in the 52 years
serving as Pastor of St. Mark Missionary
Baptist Church, he gave the
members a charge to be the best
Christian and the best Human that
we could possibly be and he continues
that role even today in retirement.
Only a Man after God’s heart
would take every opportunity to witness
and share the good news of
Jesus Christ. We thank God for his
Life and his Legacy.
Romans 8:28 states: and we know
that all things work together for good
to them that love God, to them who
are the called according to his purpose.
Happy 93rd Birthday Dr. J.S.
Hopkins, God Bless you and May
He forever keep you in His Care!