An Open Letter to My City

An Open Letter to My City

Bishop Urundi Knox

 It has been over 20 years since I wrote my last article to “The CPSA Courier” under the tutelage of the late Dr. Avery Aldridge and Sister Lilly Prince. Please know, 20 years ago my eyes were bright with optimism and joy…but today, my eyes are tearing as I write this article.  These are not the proverbial ears of joy that many Christians shed…my tears are of sadness. For my eyes, which once shined with optimism and hope of a vibrant Genesee County are now darkened with despair. 

 Over the past two decades, not only has my town eroded, but our country has also gone through spiritual, moral and infrastructural decay. I have tried to preach, teach and inspire to get the message of Kingdom Living in the ears and hearts of my community, but for the most part, I am just a small pebble in a vast ocean.  “I” don’t have much impact, but I am still determined to get the message out! The message has not changed but I am using additional vehicles of delivery, such as the internet and visual ministerial arts.

 Over the past five years we have written plays that have addressed religious and cultural issues which were performed in our church and on stage. On February 28th and March 1st Ebenezer Ministries will continue with the message of God and His saving grace by presenting a stage play -“Respect the Game”, written and delivered by a Christian cast.  It addresses the fact that “we” as a community of believers have a responsibility to instruct, guide and teach our young men on the need to respect God, family and law enforcement.

 The play was written and directed by Anthony Allen and Kelcy Williams. It is my hope and desire that the community will come out and support.  The first show has already been sold out. Tickets are available for the March 1st show at the Pamper Palace, 1113 N Chevrolet Avenue in Flint.