A Period of Transition

A Period of Transition:

By: Blake D. Strozier,

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer – Flint Board of Education

As the Flint Community Schools prepares to end another school year, we are anticipating and expecting a brighter future with the thousands of youth who everyday attend our schools; and the hundreds of parents, grandparents and guardians who trust their education to our district. One common belief that resonates in the heart of many people are that “as the city of Flint goes, so does the school district”, so as the city continues to reinvent itself, its only logical that the school district would seek to do the same. Of course, it is definitely a pleasure to see our bright stars achieve great goals in the recent announcement that again two students from the Flint Community Schools (Mr. Charlie Bingham and Mr. Harrison Watson) were selected for this prestigious award by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This goes to prove that our students are achieving above and beyond; and reaching for the stars as they continue their educational aspirations. In spite of setbacks, the district is definitely poised for a comeback as we continue to develop curriculum that will make our students well-equipped to compete in an ever-changing and global society.

With that thought in mind, leadership is key as we look forward to the direction and the goals of how we want the Flint Community Schools; and holding true to the concept of “Community”, we need your input Flint. With the recent resignation of our current superintendent, Larry Watkins, the board has begun the process of moving forward with selecting an consulting firm to find a new superintendent to lead our staff and students forward into the next decade and beyond. Acknowledging that the superintendent of schools here in Flint is more than just a Monday-Friday position, its highly important that residents of the community are given the opportunity to voice their concerns, what they would like to see in a superintendent, some of the programs they would like to be developed in order to get what is the best fit for our community. Some community members have voiced concern that the comments of the public are never adhered to; or that the people’s opinions are ignored by those in positions. This is an opportunity for your concerns to be represented. The consultant firm from Hazard, Young & Attea Associates will be reviewing all comments submitted. The submissions will be conducted through an online survey that will compile all the necessary information and present it to our consultants for review and the board will use that to select a superintendent that best fits the concerns and goals set by the residents.

So Flint, this is your opportunity to become a part of the solution. Many of us can give reasons and present ideas of making the district better or improvement; but this is an opportunity for your voice to actively make a difference. We need your input, we need your ideas, we need your support. Let’s make this period a time of transition that prepares the city for our children and grandchildren. Lets set the foundation for a stronger Flint, a stronger school district and a stronger community!!