A Community Challenge Grant was awarded to the City of Flint in 2010. One requirement of the grant was the development of a new Zoning Code. The new draft code is written to be in alignment with the city’s Imagine Flint Master Plan, unanimously approved by the Planning Commission and ultimately adopted by Flint City Council in October of 2013. Two years later, City staff and the community are working together towards implementation of the plan.

The new draft Zoning Code is designed to reflect the vision of the land use map developed with the Master Plan. This new code is unique in that it accounts for the changes in Flint’s population both past and projected while also planning for innovative development in Flint’s future. The focus on placemaking that is seen in the Master Plan is reflected in the draft zoning.

The eventual adoption of this code could put Flint on the map as a distressed city on its way to recovery. Replacing lost industries and building communities with sustainable neighborhoods while spurring urban renewal could gain national attention for a city like Flint.

Updating a city's Zoning Code is important and is also a big decision as it affects each of our neighborhoods. Cities across the country have zoning codes that have not been updated in years. In Flint, we have an opportunity to implement cutting edge land use planning and it's important that the whole community be involved.


The Department of Planning and Development has been working laboriously on drafting the new Zoning Code and is now beginning to launch the public engagement process. Over the next several months, the Planning Division will be hosting a number of opportunities for citizens to get involved. Through a combination of meetings, workshops, and courses, residents will have multiple opportunities to gain a better understanding of the new code as well as offer input and feedback. The Planning and Development Staff has continually found that the inclusion of public engagement provides residents with a voice and it will ultimately aid in the code’s adoption by the City Council.

One in-depth opportunity for resident involvement is a series of four courses offered by the City’s Planning Division in collaboration with the Michigan State University Extension Program. These courses are a great way for interested persons to learn specifics on Flint Zoning and the process of land use decision making. Registration is required for these courses. To register, please visit or call Kristin Stevenson at 810-766-7426 x.2065.

Beginning this month, the Department of Planning and Development will begin hosting Zoning Workshops in each ward. All residents are invited to attend the workshop held in their ward. Contact your City Council member for more details on the Zoning Workshop coming to your ward!

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