Urgent Message From The Desk Of Councilman Eric Mays

Urgent Message From The Desk Of Councilman Eric Mays

As 1st Ward Councilman for the City of Flint, I would like to thank Moderator Lewis Randolph for allowing seven (7) Councilpersons, along with Pastor Bullock to hold a Press Conference at Antioch Missionary Baptist Church. I would also like to thank Pastor Harris for inviting UAW Regional Director Gerald Kareem and I to the Concerned Pastors meeting to talk about Getting Out The Vote!!! There are only about a couple more weeks left to Vote by Absentee Ballot. Lower water rates, yes, lower water rates, the quality of the water we drink, cook and bath with, our Flint City Charter ( I recommend no on all charter questions), a new governor, and more are all directly related to your vote this time! Do Not Wait!! Vote early, vote absentee ballot! (This past Monday, President Obama voted early in Chicago and urged voters to do the same!!). Call (810) 766-7414.

 Here Are Your Choices

(1) Call Flint City Clerk (81 0)766-7414 to Receive Ballot Application in the Mail

(2) Request an absentee ballot application, in person, at the City Clerk’s Office (Open 8am 5pm Monday- Friday) (Saturday 8am-2pm) Application is filled out, You Can Vote There.

(3) Request an Absentee Ballot Application, in person, at The City Clerks Office (Open 8am- 5pm Monday- Friday) (Saturday 8am-2pm) take ballot home to study.

(4) Go To Miabsentee.Com to request your absentee ballot

All ballots must be returned before November 4th. I encourage every church and every pastor to help someone to vote absentee within the next seven days. After that, then we can concentrate on those that will wait until Election Day. The City of Flint needs over twenty thousand (20,000) voters to vote. In 2012, the City of Flint had over ten thousand (10,000) absentee ballot voters for President Obama. As of this writing, we have about two thousands six hundred (2,600). We are way behind can we help a senior or a young person?? You can get two or three people to vote this week!!! We can shoot for over 6,000 in this great city of Flint…Amen