Local School District Celebrates College Bound Students

College Decision Day Comes to Beecher Flint, MI (May12, 2014) –The Beecher Scholarship

Incentive Program (BSIP) will host “College Decision Day” Wednesday, May 21 from 1:00-2:30 pm in the Randall Coates Auditorium of the Beecher Community Schools District. Morris Peterson, Flint native, Michigan State University Graduate and former NBA player, will deliver words of encouragement to Beecher High School seniors as they are recognized for their college pursuits. This event is free and open to all community members.

College Decision Day is a statewide initiative spearheaded by the Michigan College Access Network with the goal of recognizing high school seniors for their postsecondary plans while encouraging younger students and families to prepare early for postsecondary education. College Decision Day is inspired by the NCAA’s National Signing Day to reinforce that excellence in the classroom should be given as much pomp and circumstance as excellence as an athlete. The goal is to mimic this excitement for all students going to college or other post high school credentials. This will be the

Beecher community School District’s first year as part of this initiative. “High Schools are easily acknowledged for their accomplishments on the field or in the gym,” says Dawn Demps, Executive Director of the Beecher Scholarship Incentive Program. “But we want to insure that as a community we also uplift students for their hard work towards moving to the next level academically. Mr.

Peterson, as a college graduate, an accomplished athlete and with his record of commitment towards improving his home community, is a positive example to students of the synthesis of academics, community and sports.”

Arieonna Carter, a Beecher High School senior with a 3.8 GPA, who was accepted to four different universities, says that community and family support was critical for her success. “I am taking summer college courses to prepare for Michigan State University in the fall, but the encouragement of my family and those in my neighborhood motivated me to take advantage of every educational

opportunity possible. They helped me to get here.”

For more information regarding College Decision Day, call 1-810-591-9264 or email

For more than 12 years, the Beecher Scholarship Incentive Program has provided academic, social and cultural opportunities for the students of the Beecher Community Schools District. The program works to empower students to graduate from high school, pursue higher education and embark on the path of becoming contributing citizens of the global community.