Greater Flint Arts Council Announces The 2014 Share Art Flint Mini-Grant Awards

Greater Flint Arts Council Announces The 2014 Share Art Flint Mini-Grant Awards

Through the mini-grant program, we will fund community arts and culture activities that are led by skilled artists and creative people working the field, whose practices are rooted in the heart of community life. We seek projects that are initiated, designed and implemented with local residents. We are particularly interested in programs that expand arts and culture learning, that employ arts and culture for community change and that celebrate culture and heritage.

            “Grant programs that support the work of local artists benefit our community in many ways and we are fortunate to be able to offer this program here in Flint , Michigan ,” states Greater Flint Arts Council President and CEO, Greg Fiedler.

            The mini-grant awards are determined by a team of volunteer peer reviewers which rotate annually. For 2014, a total of $60,000 was awarded to 15 projects.

            The Share Art Flint Mini-Grant program is made possible by generous funding from the Ruth Mott Foundation.

            The awardees for the 2014 Share Art Flint Mini-Grants are:

 Flint Public Art Project: $5,000 Free City Festival is an arts and community festival planned to bring artists from the local community and from the national and international stage in order to create a free public arts event in the old chevy-in-the-hole factory site. The project is designed to be a celebration of the arts and the Flint community, bringing artists and the community in an exciting and dynamic event using the old and forgotten spaces in the city.

 Jazz On Wheels: $3,046 Pat Cronley’s Jazz on Wheels program returns this year with their theme “Peace is the Word.” The program brings musical talent from Powers Catholic High school and St. John Vianney, along with partnerships with other musical talents which take a summer concert series to at risk neighborhoods and youth in the city of Flint .

 Ting Kao: $4,800 Ting Kao’s Free Lunch and Art Summer Camp is a project designed to bring arts education to the students served by the Hispanic Tech Center on Flint ’s East Side . The project utilizes local artists and art educators in Dance, Theatre, and Visual Arts to provide a week long camp for students to learn and create. As the name indicates, making partnerships with local businesses, free lunches will also be provided to the students.

 Emma Davis: $1,594 The Riverbank Park Community Dance Workshops were conceived to bring dance education to between sixty and one hundred members of the flint community in order to teach the art of dance. The program will also include historical walks along Riverbank Park and the development of a website and informational brochure in order to increase community awareness of the park, with the added goal of providing material for future dance projects based on the experiences of the community members engaged.

 Jim Coviak: $4,975 The Flint Steel Band Festival is a program that is run by Jim Coviak. The program takes students from the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint and teaches them the skills necessary to play the Steel Drum with confidence. The project culminates in a final performance at the Clio Area Amphitheatre with students performing alongside professional musicians

 Zach Chioukh: $2,000 Stone Street Sessions is a program designed to record local Flint musicians and to develop music videos using Flint artists and publish them on social media in order to increase exposure for local arists.

 Buckham Fine Arts Project: $5,000 The Buckham/GVRC Share Art Program is designed to bring the arts to students in the county run short term detention center GVRC. The program will consist of multiple workshops bringing different arts programs and artists into GVRC to teach students various art forms and skills.


Nanette Chisholm: $2,500 Quilting Skills: A Learning Experience is a program that is set up in order to teach students between the ages of nine and seventeen the art of quilt making. The program teaches the students the skills necessary to develop quilts of their own and secondary quilts that will be donated to local charities and organizations that cater to disadvantaged children.

 Girls and Boys Club of Greater Flint : $5,000 The Studio on the Go! Program brings the technical and artistic side of the music industry to students of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Flint. The program teaches students how to write, perform, record and edit their own music, music videos and develop their own concert at the end of the program.

 Jerin Sage: $5,000 The 3rd Annual Flint Drop Fest is a free electronic music and interactive arts festival. Split between three stages in Downtown Flint, the festival offers a variety of interactive arts, over thirty electronic music artists and outreach programs to help bring the arts to the greater Flint community. 

 Charles Boike: $5,000 Aerosol and Audio is a two day music and arts festival that brings street artists from all over the world to the Flint area to compete and demonstrate their skills. Live music from locally and nationally renowned artists, as well as interactive arts programs and partnerships with local arts vendors and supporters contribute to a unique experience in the Downtown Flint area.

 Beecher Community School District : $2,500 Beecher Community School District is receiving funding from the Share Art Flint program in order to restore the theatre at Beecher 9GA. By cooperating with Flint ’s Shop Floor Theatre Company the granted funds will allow the artists of Shop Floor to educate and to help the students of Beecher create a theatrical piece at Beecher Schools.

 Friends of Modern Art: $3,000 The Friends of Modern Art are supporting the entrance fees of local (City and County) young artists into the 2014 Flint Art Fair. The purpose of the program is to include and encourage young artists in the Greater Flint area in the Flint Art Fair in order to give them exposure and to help develop partnerships with young artists in the community.

 Floyd J. McCree Theatre: $5,000 The Floyd J. McCree Theatre is in charge of the Festival of Phenomenal Women. The project is designed to give a platform to women artists in the Flint community to exhibit their works and talents. The festival will take place over two days October 25th and 26th.

 Cherisse Bradley: $5,000 Cherisse Bradley’s project I Found My Voice is entering its second year with funding from the Share Art Flint program this summer. The program is designed to use the arts in order to heal and promote social transformation for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. By using the stories of these participants the program creates a cathartic final performance based on their stories.