Gethsemane M.B. Church Celebrates Pastor Terry Randolph’s 4th Pastoral Anniversary

Gethsemane M.B. Church

1258 E. Humphrey

Pastor Terry Randolph, Pastor

Gethsemane M.B. Church will be celebrating Pastor Terry Randolph's 4th Pastoral Anniversary on Saturday, October 11th and Sunday, October 12th. On Saturday, October 11th at 5:00pm an Anniversary Banquet will be held. Rev. Edward Burns, Pastor of Providence M.B. Church will be the speaker. On Sunday, October 12th during our morning worship service, Pastor David Blount, Pastor of Mt. Kingdom Baptist Church, Tickfaw, LA will minister the Word and at 3:30pm Dr. Henry Fuller, Jr., and the Mt. Calvary M.B. Church will be our guest. Dr. Fuller will minister the Word. We cordially invite you to come celebrate with us. Call the Church at 810-789-4131 for more information.

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