Flint Mayoral Candidates Square off in Political Forum


FLINT (WJRT) – (10/13/15) – Inside St. Michael’s Catholic Church, dozens of Flint residents listened in as incumbent Mayor Dayne Walling and challenger Dr. Karen Weaver squared off.

Walling and Weaver answered questions on four different topics: Flint’swater crisis, crime, schools and the city’s infrastructure.

“We need police. We also need engaged, active citizens,” Weaver said.

“This has been devastating for our community. I have a comprehensive plan to improve our water,” Walling said.

At times, both candidates took jabs at each other.

Weaver criticized Walling’s policies.

“If speaking out about having clean water is an attack on your family or anybody else’s, I don’t understand that,” Weaver said.

Walling noted Weavers’ lack of political experience.

“It’s not a surprise to me that my opponent candidate Weaver wouldn’t be aware of how the city and schools have been working together because she hasn’t been at the table,” Walling said.

Residents who attended the forum were pleased with the issues addressed.

“I thought the debate went very well,” said Flint resident Carolyn Schannon.

“I thought the questions were good. On point with a lot of the issues that are facing the city,” said Flint native Lolanda Johnson.

As for who they’d vote for:

“Mayor Walling. Because he kept his composure no matter what she threw at him. He stayed a gentleman. He stayed a statesman. He stayed somebody for us to be proud of,” said Flint native Claudia Croom.

“I’m in favor of Dr. Weaver. I think with everything that’s going on with the city, we need a change. The water crisis has placed a lot of mistrust in people’s minds,” Johnson said.

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