Damage Claim 6th Ward Residents For The Love of Community

For the Love of Community

Sheldon Neely

Flint City Councilman is seeking a damage claim on behalf of residents of the 6th Ward. Councilman Sheldon Neeley has forwarded this to Emergency Manager Darnell Earley and all appropriate city officials on behalf of the residents.

On behalf of the residents of the 6th Ward in the City of Flint, Michigan for their limited use of water this claim is being filed for their ;omitted use of water as a result of the positive testing for total coliform bacteria. Residents in this area have not been able to utilize their water for cooking, bathing and general consumption since on or about Sept. 2, 2014 to date.

Flint residents have been subjected top this limited use on two occasions-the first time taking place approximately 30 days ago. They have been advised to boil or use bottled water for drinking, bathing, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dished and preparing food. The problem has been identified with the treatment or distribution system – pipes.

This issue gravely impacts the quality of life for citizens, and has caused a great interference with their ability to utilize a basic resource although they are being charged significantly more money in water and sewer rates than any other community in Genesee County. And, yet the City of Flint is predicting that the cost will probably be going up.

It is proposed that residents receive a credit of $5.00 per day for this disruption in service, and businesses $10.00 per day, effective from September 2, 2014 to the date that this problem has been resolved. 

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