Annual Good Friday Fellowship

Ministry Training Seminar
Convention Fellowship
Bisp. Rory C. Cavette – Founder
The Ministry Training Seminar
Convention Fellowship will hold its
annual Good Friday Fellowship “The
Seven Last Sayings of Jesus Uttered
from the Cross” Friday April 18th.
The service will be held at Adams
Memorial – Guiding Light COGIC located
at G-5230 Detroit St. Flint, MI.
Supt. Victor Adams – Host Pastor.
The doors open at 6:00 PM and worship
will start at 6:25 PM. Speakers
will include along with their choirs
Pastor Kevin Thompson, Supt.
Harold Jones, Pastor Latrelle
Holmes, Dr. Kirk Whitmore, Pastor
Frank Woods, Supt. Victor Adams
and Pastor Robert McCathern. Special
Guest choir will be Minister Jeremy
Riley & Emmanuel. For more
information call 810-610-4816.

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