All Flint ResidentsJoin the March

Attention Residents of Flint

5th Ward City Councilman Wantwaz Davis is calling every concerned resident in Flint. Michigan to come and participate in a March, on Friday, August 8, 2014, at 4:00 p.m. Starting from the down town Riverbank, to the City Hall. This March is to express the dissatisfaction from the residents, who are imposed with high water bills; in a city that has the highest unemployment rate in the State of Michigan. Low income people are being forced to abandon their homes and relocate in either, surrounding counties or out of state, where it is affordable to live. This march is about us, who are suffering from these high water bills and shutoff notices. In order to make a change, it has to start with us expressing ourselves and letting the decision makers know that we cannot tolerate these high water rates, especially governor Rick Snyder and the Emergency manager. Low income residents should be considered when these water rates are being discussed. However, we, as a people have to be willing to come out, in great numbers to show the magnitude of our dissatisfaction. If we do not show up to these rallies and marches, then what sense does it make to complain? There is power in numbers. Faith without works is meaningless. This is how we show Governor Rick Snyder that are votes means something, just like people voted him in, we can vote him out. In conclusion, I pray that all of us come together and march for a great cause, in making a change, which could reach to the United Nation, like Detroit, that must be considered when telling the government that. Water is a human right, which is a necessity for sustainment of life”. The human body is 70 to 75% water; we can go without food, for a long period of time, but never water, which should be affordable.